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The life bracelet SECURELIVE

can help you in various life situations. The information which you decide to enter into the database can contain many important data: basic personal information about yourself, contact data of your close relatives, your blood group, medication which you take or information about your serious illnesses. All this information is available upon scanning your bracelet's QR code with a smart phone. It is necessary to have a QR code reader (such as for example QR Droid) installed on your telephone. All information can be edited. You can also decide which of the entered data shall be visible and which invisible for those who scan your QR code.

In which situations can you use the life bracelet

The bracelet can help anyone regardless on their age. It helps in difficult situations such as serious injury during a sporting activity, car or motorbike accident etc. The paramedics obtain all the information necessary for effective first aid from the bracelet even in case that you are unconscious. If you must seek medical help abroad such as when you are on holiday, all the necessary data is available through the bracelet. The doctor can see what medicine you take, which allergies you have etc. It also provides contact data of your close relatives. If children get lost, they have your contact data with them. In cases of bad orientation in an unknown environment (in a forest, an unknown city, abroad or after a serious injury) you can, by means of the bracelet, easily find out your GPS coordinates and send them to the rescuers or your close relatives.